Simcha Jacobovici – Biography

Simcha Jacobovici is a multi award-winning documentary director and producer, as well as a New York Times best selling author and a lecturer.

His filmmaking awards include three Emmys for “Outstanding Investigative Journalism,” a certificate of Special Merit from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a Gold Medal from the International Documentary Festival of Nyon, three U.S. Cable Ace Awards, two Gemini awards, an Alfred I. Dupont-Columbia University Award and from the Overseas Press Club of America the Carl Spielvogel Award and Edward R. Murrow Award.

He has produced programming for virtually every major broadcaster in the world, including CBC, Vision, NBC, PBS, Discovery Channel, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, HBO, Five, BBC, Arte, TF1, ProSieben, ZDF, NHK, IBA, Discovery Science and many others.

For the past ten years, Jacobovici has applied his journalistic skills to historical and archaeological investigations. He calls this technique “investigative archaeology.” As a result, Jacobovici has become an internationally recognized expert in “decoding” the ancient past and has appeared as an expert on numerous television shows including Anderson Cooper 360, Larry King Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show and NBC Today.

Jacobovici has hosted three seasons of the internationally acclaimed series “The Naked Archaeologist.” His most recent feature documentaries, “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” (with James Cameron) and “The Resurrection Tomb Mystery” continue to make headlines around the world.

Jacobovici’s articles have appeared in numerous newspapers around the world. In Canada, he’s been published in virtually every major newspaper including The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Montreal Gazette and The Ottawa Citizen. In the United States, his articles have been published in The New York Times, The L.A. Times and The Boston Globe. His reports have been carried internationally by Associated Press and his articles have appeared in the International Herald Tribune. He has also published in the academic journal The Middle East Focus. Jacobovici’s first book, “The Jesus Family Tomb,” co-written with Charles Pellegrino, was published in 2007 by Harper Collins. It has been translated into more than 16 languages and is an international best seller. Jacobovici’s new book “The Jesus Discovery” was published in 2012 by Simon & Schuster. A follow up to the earlier book, it is co-written with Professor James Tabor.

As a lecturer, Jacobovici has been a guest speaker at numerous conferences and on various campuses including Yale, Johns Hopkins, McGill, UCLA and York University. Mr. Jacobovici received a B.A. from McGill University where he honoured in Philosophy and Political Science. He also has an M.A. in International Relations from the University of Toronto. He is presently an adjunct Professor of Religious Studies at Huntington University, an affiliate of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. He is also a co-director of the Bethsaida Excavation in the Galilee, Israel and Project Director of the Talpiot Tomb Excavation in Jerusalem.

An Israeli-Canadian, Mr. Jacobovici is fluent in four languages: English, French, Hebrew and Romanian. He is married and is the father of five children, ranging in age from seven to eighteen.

  • Jeremy Valentine

    Good evening Simcha. Just watched your film “The Exodus Decoded” and thought you did a marvelous job. Wondered how you’d respond to those posts on the “Credibility” section on the Wikipedia article? Further, just as an fyi, seeing that many of the critique deal with dating specifically, you might be interested in Ian Taylor’s work “Darwin and the New World Order”. Don’t let the title throw you off or the purely Christian undertones as it does raise many problems with the theory of Evolution and the science behind it specifically as it may relate to that with which critiques many of your documentaries as well. Thought you’d be interested…

  • AdamNeira

    January 29th, 2014

    To Whom it May Concern,

    I would like to find out how it is possible to watch, stream, download or purchase the two episodes relating to the hilazon, from “The Naked Archaeologist” TV show, that were produced in 2005. Unfortunately there are no contact details listed on this site, thus this message.

    Hope to hear from one of your representatives ASAP.

    With thanks

    Adam Neira

    • You can watch them on Amazon Prime for free….. best David W

  • Panos Kokkonis


    From the early years of mankind, when the
    animal was
    jumping to man,

    he, as a last chance to save his life,

    nails a look at a specific point between the eyes
    of the animal,
    the Glory to the Father point !

    The animal
    is frightened, scared, mad!
    “Does man have such strength???” … thought the animal!

    Unfortunately or fortunately this
    between people too.
    In any case, it is painful for both people!
    The “victim” responds unpredictably and with consequences.
    The “perpetrator”, although “authoritarian” feels guilty,
    he knows the power of this gaze, but fails to see the eyes of the victim,
    as he is looking always only between them!

    A Christian

    A working hypothesis?

    • Dan

      that should be so powerful that it brings me to Jesus ;;;;

      • Panos

        Maybe… Why not ?

  • TobyTova

    Hello Simcha! I would love to be in contact re: our newly formed group of Israel activists – Canadians for Israel. We would be honoured to have the benefit of your knowledge, experience and counsel. If you don’t mind, please join our Facebook group &/or contact me directly through FB. On Twitter we are @CDNS4Israel. Wishing you great well, great success, Hatzlacha and Bracha! Toby

  • Gabriel Seneca

    Bravo Simcha!
    A true fan of all your work. I just watched the new series ‘Bible Conspiracies’ on Discovery SCI channel. It was great seeing a guest appearance by Elaine Pagels. Gnostics everywhere rejoice at seeing more new discoveries, and theories. Many thanks to you sir.
    Long live
    Gabriel Seneca

  • Hi brother Jacobvici. Greetings from one outside the box iconoclast no anther. I studied for 20 years at Westminster, Biblical, and Concordia Seminaries, and I created the OT program for 13 years for an online seminary. I became one of the people who can not be mentioned in the academic discussion. Now, I’ve actually been selling your books to Christian bookstores. However, if you would like to read a very interesting study based on an early date for the exodus, see my book on Amazon Is the Bible Really True? Recovering an Ancient Faith with 21st Century Evidence. It traces an amazing amount of archeological, climatological, and historical evidence that can be integrated into an early date for the exodus. It can be downloaded either free or for $2.99. Check it out. You will not believe it because you buy into the mainstream late date system, but you will find it to be a lot of fun.
    Rodger Dalman

  • Xuan Kano

    Dear Mr Jacobivici, i have an idea i think you should at least listen to if its a new project to be discover: xuanka (at) hotmail com

  • Vinny Andrew Morsicato

    Greettings Simcha,
    While watching your piece, regarding the nails found with Caiaphas’ Ossuary, I couldn’t help wonder if, during your investigation, finding bone, wood and iron, did anyone attempt to find these same materials, on the Shoud of Turin at the site where the nail marks were left?
    Vinny of Denver Colorado

  • Pablo

    I just watched your movie exodus decoded. Egyptians didnt have a god they worshiped nature which they call Naturu for the kemet language. Egypt is not its real name it was changed by the English. We know the name Egypt comes from the colonial master. It is the same as the greeks after they stole the mathmatic theories from Kemet…like pythagoreus. We know this is plagerism from the greeks who werent born until 1000BCE long after the last pyramid was finished by King Hotep father of Tuff Moses. Isreal we know too the name was changed by the theives that live there now and choose to erase african history. The guy called Moses in the exodus story never possibly existed to build any pyramid so we can see the story is a myth. All the bible stories are a myth include Noah story and adam story. The story of Noah was written by modern Jewish only 2000 years ago. We know the pyramid are old more 2000 years why are they still there and the mummies of kings never washed away. You should give credit to the Nubia, cushites, tahisi, tahameti, sumerian (africans), the mandingo, coicoi, twa, falaini so many other civilized african tribes. The greeks were not “civilized” at that time of Ahmose2 making it impossible to be the only other civilized nation according to your show. We know that the greeks weren’t civilized enough to have a written language (eg. Iliad and Odyssey). You need to search the African story like sumerian people that still exist in south Africa who’s laguage and writing is the same same as the Metu Nature. The Dogan who believe the same as the egytian and their beliefs shows that. The Suma tribe has deep history before greek. Your movie is propagating myth. Speed the truth.

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