Rebuilding the Temple

First century Jerusalem Jewish coin
First century Jerusalem Jewish coin
Here is a one time opportunity. Several years ago, the Waqf, the Muslim leadership on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, decided to break the law and “renovate” the Temple Mount. Basically, they wanted to destroy Jewish history in the holiest place for Judaism by destroying the site with bulldozers. They dumped the earth in a valley.

This act of archaeological desecration was followed by something wonderful: a group of individuals, headed by Professor Gaby Barkay and his student Zachi Dvira, organized the “Temple Mount Sifting Project”, whereby thousands of volunteers sift through the earth dumped by the bulldozers so as to retrieve priceless archaeological treasures from what many consider the holiest place on earth. Over 150,000 volunteers have participated so far. They have found arrow heads, coins and, even, an inscription bearing the name of a priest mentioned in the Book of Jeremiah! Now we can all help them publish their findings and continue their work.

How often do ordinary folk get to rebuild a temple?

See the video and help them out:

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