[MOVIE] Secrets of Christianity – Selling Christianity

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  • William Sanford

    I just got finished watching Secrets of Christianity – Selling Christianity and
    I believe you are on the right track. What I believe you are missing is the fact
    that Constantine is responsible for creating Christianity and Christianity was a
    pagan religion from its inception. In fact, it is common knowledge, as you know,
    that the word Christian comes from the Greek word Christianos which is what the
    Greeks called those who worshipped Helios (sun god) for over 1000 years before
    Y’shua was born. The state religion Constantine created merely adopted all the
    pagan religious doctrines and made Iesus the reincarnation of Tammuz. This is
    why Iesus birthday had to be celebrated in Dec 25th and Easter had to be
    incorporated. The belief was that Tammuz came in the body of Iesus and died for
    our sins. Iesus was just another god to Constantine in a long list of gods.
    Reincarnation is in every pagan religion and Constantine’s Christianity is no
    different. But is this the religion of the apostles? NO! Christianity was
    not the religion of the disciples of Y’shua. Christianity corrupted
    Y’shua, and removed His Jewishness. Christianity created another idol in the
    name of Iesus. Who was just another pagan god the Greeks worshipped. The true
    faith of the Apostles rejected all the crap that came out of Rome. History
    proves this because Christianity persecuted the messianic believers that kept
    Sabbath, Passover and Torah. Christianity is the counterfeit. Y’shua is the real
    deal, Jesus is the fraud.

    • KariAnaS

      Constantine did not change the birthday to December 25th. It was During his reign of 270 to 275 CE, the Roman Emperor Aurelian attempted to increase unity within the Roman Empire by establishing Sol Invictis (the Unconqured Sun) as the supreme god of the Empire. He proclaimed DEC-25 as Natalis Solis Invicti (The Birth of the Unconquered Sun) circa 274. 3 This celebration continues today among followers of the reconstructed Roman neopagan religion, Nova Roma.

      I got this info from this link.


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  • no comment about this religion based film..


  • Manuel Moreno Lopez

    We thousands of christians we would like to know if you have interest in
    accomplish a research study to know if you and other jews living at
    this time have some inheritence, legacy of blood/genes, name links from
    the specific pharisees, sadducees, levites, scribes etc.lovers of
    money, fame, power…discrimination…cruelty etc…who were living at
    the time of Christ…we would like to support you in that research

    • Pablo Gunda

      is your Jesus white, like Michael Angelo? And you know Jesus is not his real name right?

  • Pablo Gunda

    Jesus never existed to be Edomite people and your history you teach never existed. The people that live in Israel now are Ashkanazi Europeans they are not original Israelites. If you speak about Abrahim he is black and he is from Africa before the Arabs they existed and before the European existed and before the Edomite people existed and before Roman they existed. The European nation was born in 1000 BCE in the time of Solomon (who was black) So Jesus never existed to be Edomite or European. What you teach is Constantine and Michael Angelo. The history of Jesus we don’t deal for Constantine or Michael Angelo. Jesus was Nazerene he was black check Revelation 1:13 “(Jesus) feet were the colour of burning brass”. And Jesus was not his name really. The Book of Osiris the first stone moved from the tomb was Asah (Osiris – the greek changed his name just as the greek changed Jesus’ name) that was 3000BCE. 3000 years before Jesus had his stone moved from his tomb. And the first resurrection was Asah (osiris) the King of the Valley in Africa not Israel. Egypt is a Greek name. They changed the name just like Jesus and Osiris and then claim them as their own. You can hear people now tell you Egypt is in the Middle East or Asia. How can you believe the story of Adam and Eve and Noah if the book of Genesis started 1400 BCE and Moses wrote it and Moses was raised by Africans, the Nubian, the Cushite, the Mandingo, the Pharaohs. So Moses for himself copied the story because Moses is really young for those people and he had the knowledge from those people. The Book of the Dead is old it is the same same like Intatuk and Pyramid Text (who exactly is coming back again? Asah or Jesus who was first?) Please teach people the true and don’t show pictures of people who don’t exist, didn’t Moses teach that? If you are using an “example” better you use a black man. Moses too was not his real name and he was born in Gosher, Africa making him an African man and black. His real name was Pharaoh Tut Ahmose. He ruled Cush for many years and married many Cushite women having Cushite children all of them black. And he died just like Jesus died and just like every human being we die. And we should deal with a God and a Goddess. Jesus mother was black too. We don’t deal with the spooky God. The male spooky God in the sky never existed. God has no gender. This is African Teachings.

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