Live Chat on “Atlantis Rising”

Just today, I held a live video chat on National Geographic Channel’s facebook. Click the video below to view my facebook interview on ATLANTIS RISING airing January 29 9PM/8C.

Also on the National Geographic Channel Facebook page.

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  • Alyzabeth Acorn

    SIMCHA !! I LOVE YOUR MIND, I admire your courage and respect your devotion to your religion! In my world you are the archetype for the perfect man !

  • Zaidan Alaoui

    Simcha, why you say Atlantis is between the coast of Spain and the cost of Africa and not simply coast of Spain and cost of Morocco ?

    • Alyzabeth Acorn

      Hey Zaidian, I’m pretty sure Atlantis was all over the globe, Simcha just covered part of it …. I hope this helps ❤️