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Last Chance to Join Naked Archaeologist Tour!

My first ever “Naked Archaeologist” tour of Israel is about to take place December 4 – 15. It’s an intimate group with an incredible itinerary. I’m going to be leading it with Eitan Chamberlin, an archaeologist, tour guide and an […]

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Last Chance!

Only a few weeks left before the first ever “Naked Archaeologist” trip of Israel begins. You can still sign up now! That’s right, the “Naked Archaeologist” is back. I’m

Miracle Wedding

I’m in Akko (ancient Acre). Over the millennia, many a battle was fought here: Jews, Romans, Crusaders, Napoleon…Today, I’m at a wedding by the sea. Modern Israel. The bride

Trekking with the “Naked Archaeologist”

That’s right, the “Naked Archaeologist” is back. I’m going back into character, putting on my hiking boots, and trekking with a bunch of travelers around the land of

Terror in the Holy Land

Two weeks ago, I traveled on business from Israel to Washington D.C. In the hotel, jet lagged, in the middle of the night I heard a beep on

Obama’s “Deal” with Iran

Dark clouds are looming on the horizon. US President Barack Obama has made a “deal” with Iran, while Iran continues to be the #1 state sponsor of terrorism

Unsung Hero in Iraq

While the Jew haters mobilize the world with their Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which is just a modern way of repeating the ancient anti-Semitic rant: "ghettoize,

Israeli Court Finds Joseph Zias Guilty of Libel!

Lod District Court (Lod, Israel) – After 4 years in court, Judge Jacob Sheinman handed down a landmark decision today in my libel suit filed against former Israel

The Hottie and Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu is going down, and to understand why forget everything you've read - especially in the New York Times - and take

We’re Causing Demonstrations in India

It seems that the book that Prof. Barrie Wilson and I wrote, The Lost Gospel, is now causing demonstrations in India. Since the book is

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