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Documentary raises questions about the origins of Christianity

From radio one CBC in Canada: A few years ago, Simcha Jacobovici created a documentary that suggests that the bones of Jesus Christ were found in a tomb in a suburb of Jerusalem. His latest film is called “The Resurrection […]

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For all Canadians: Vision is re-airing The Lost Tomb of Jesus!

The Lost Tomb of Jesus – Part 1 Saturday, Nov. 17 at 2am ET/11pm PT The Lost Tomb of Jesus – Part 2 Monday, Nov. 19 at 9pm ET/6pm PT Saturday,

[VIDEO] The Jesus Movement

Additional insight on the strange practice of ossuary burial. The Lost Tomb of Jesus movie sheds light on who practiced this ritual. Evidence points to the Early Christians.

[VIDEO] Biblical archaeology at its best!

This is biblical archaeology at its best! The Lost Tomb of Jesus, with its archaeological discovery of the millennium!!! The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Jesus ‘Tomb’ Controversy Reopened

excerpt from article in Time Magazine When the Discovery Channel aired a TV documentary in 2007 raising the possibility that archeologists had found the family tomb of Jesus

Judeo-Christians and Early Christianity

Some people do not realize that Jesus was Jewish, and that he and his early followers, the Judeo-Christians, upheld many facets of the Jewish faith, including observing the

Interview with Simcha Jacobovici on The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Click here to purchase The Jesus Discovery by Simcha Jacobovici and James Tabor.

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