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Decoding the Ancients and Science of the Soul Now Online!

Good news, two of my documentary films “Decoding the Ancients (Secrets of Christianity)” and “Science of the Soul” can now be watched online. “Decoding the Ancients” – winner of the Silver World Medal from the New York Festivals and an […]

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The Real Apostles

Israeli archaeologists have discovered the best preserved remnant of a Roman road so far unearthed in the Holy land. In the time of Jesus i.e., the Roman

Mount Vesuvius: The First Apostle

It is commonly assumed that the Apostles Peter and Paul spread Christianity across the planet, turning a tiny religious sect into the world’s largest religion. Is this

The Lost Voyage of Jesus

Lately, I’ve been posting a lot about the Jews of Spain, the Inquisition and the “conversos” i.e., those Jews who were forcibly converted to Catholicism back in 1492.

Secrets of Christianity Picked up by Discovery Network in Europe!

Cick here to watch the episode on Selling Christianity on Cick here to watch the episode on Selling Christianity on This episode examines

The Nails of the Cross: A Response to the Criticisms of the Film

By: Director/Producer Simcha Jacobovici As many people know, my colleagues and I recently made world headlines by claiming that we may have identified two of the nails used in

Archaeologist thinks he might have found nails from Jesus’s cross

excerpts from article on JERUSALEM — An Israeli Canadian journalist thinks he might have tracked down two of the iron nails used to crucify Jesus on the

How did Constantine Sell Christianity to the Roman Empire?

The Secrets of Christianity series has a special episode called Selling Christianity which examines how a persecuted secretive cult grew to defeat the pagan gods, become the official

[MOVIE] Secrets of Christianity – Selling Christianity

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