Apitoide App- Best Cricket Games for Android on Apitoide

The primary cricket game was released in 1996 by Column Software and EA Sports. Since then, activities emulating this popular activity have undergone an important change. An increasing number of games today have enhanced gameplay mechanics, true ball physics, multiple playing methods and 3D images. Designers understand that squeezing in extra features and game modes make play more enjoyable, plus they have already been effective in attracting supporters from around the globe. Here we are going to share best cricket apps on Aptoide.

Aptoide App- Best Cricket Games for Android on Apitoide:

However, very few cricket games for Android are as effective as their PC counterparts. Most activities offered at the Aptoide retailer are also easy-to earn or have bad graphics. I’ve tried to include only those activities which have excellent design, a lot of game modes, straightforward settings and challenging gameplay:

1. World Cricket Championship (WCC)

WCC has 3 ways of play: A Global Premierleague, Super Fantasy League and World Championship. Unlike other activities, Nextwave’s game is quite difficult to understand. Striking spinners for sixes and batting won’t be easy if your player plays the sport on medium or hard difficulty level. The game offers a reasonable number of shots, though several more shots like late cut could have definitely increased the tempo.

2. Real Cricket 2014

This is most likely the greatest game designed for Android. The pictures are much better than most games described in this list. Everything from 2D motion captured animations at hand drawn design screams “Awesome”. The game’s slick controls are easy-to grasp, although time and right course is vital to achieve a decent score. The sport also lets you possess a field keeping of your choice from the set of ambitious and defensive field presets.

This is a best Aptoide For iOS game offers several play modes, including a T20 Worldcup, Masters Cup and Knockout Cups. There’s also the exciting Super Over style for those who want an instant match against their favorite teams. RC14 presents in-app purchases and might involve people to open reliable equipment and play modes. If you should be looking for a solid portable bat and basketball knowledge, then you must download this game.

3. Cricket T20 fever 3D

This game features added game modes besides T20 matches. The sport attempts to be as realistic as it can get and even carries a powerplay system. It allows both batting and bowling. Pictures are okay, although not as effective as RC. The latter’s motion capture movement and looks are much better than this game.

4. Stick Cricket

From online to mobile, this game has come a long way. And it is recovering with every new update. Aside from the regular game modes, the game provides a 2-over T20 setting as well as a Worldcup function – all in Stick Sports style. Viewed from a batsman’s perception, this game is hard to grasp. Right timing is necessary to hit the leather for a six.

Few Android cricket games can be as difficult as SC. The game’s special third-person perspective makes it even harder to hit the ball. A slight delay and the ball can quickly zip past a batsman knocking his stumps down.

You can also download All the Apps for free from trickscentral.org

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