We Won!

Later today – Tuesday, October 21, 2014 – at the Château Laurier in Ottawa, Canada, the Canadian Medical Association will be handing out its 2014 Media Awards for Health Reporting. We are pleased to announce that “Tales From The Organ […]

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Torah Archeology


“Naked Arch” in Israel’s Most Popular Newspaper!

For all the Hebrew speakers, here

Our Friend, The Quail

Birds Falling Out of the Sky – Just Like in the Bible

The question is: “Did it really happen?” Well, the

Ahmose - the real Pharaoh of the Exodus

Proof for the Biblical Exodus!

As Passover draws near, there's a dramatic scholarly breakthrough

פרופסור גורן מגן על "ארכאולוגיית דחפורים"

פרופסור יובל גורן: ביקורת ממקור בלתי צפוי

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The late, great archeologist,  Prof. Hanan Eshel. Joe Zias tried to get him fired.

Let Freedom Reign!

I’ve been contending with a number of colleagues against

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We Won!

Later today - Tuesday, October 21, 2014 -


Exciting News!

Canaanite fish on ring, 10th century BCE

Jesus’ Fish

We then discovered the image of a fish spitting


Keep the Pyramids, give us the Colosseum.

The Egyptian archaeological community is in a

חגיגות החמאס בעזה

הספירה לאחור להשמדת ישראל

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